Intensive Outpatient Program

Our IOP program provides comprehensive support and treatment for Transitional Age Youth (TAY) and adults with eating disorders, offering a structured and intensive approach to facilitate their recovery while allowing them to maintain their daily lives.

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At Oasis Eating Disorders Recovery Clinic, we understand that the journey to recovery is a complex and deeply personal one. That’s why we offer our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) tailored to the needs of Transitional Age Youth (TAY) and adults grappling with eating disorders. Our program is designed to provide robust support and expert treatment, aiding you in your path to recovery while minimizing disruptions to your daily life.
The primary aim of our IOP is to work toward the complete elimination of eating disorder symptoms. The program also focuses on stabilizing mood symptoms and preparing individuals for a seamless transition to outpatient providers for ongoing care. By combining diverse therapeutic methods, we strive to help you gain the necessary skills and understanding to manage your condition more effectively.

Intensive Outpatient Program Includes

Components Of Our Intensive Outpatient Program

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Frequent Questions About Our Intensive Outpatient Program

We offer our IOP program for Transitional Age Youth (TAY) and adults who are struggling with eating disorders. The goal is to provide comprehensive support to individuals while they maintain their daily responsibilities.
Our IOP includes an array of services designed to support your recovery journey. This includes individualized meal plans with supervised meals, nutrition education groups, body image groups, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups, art therapy, body-positive movement groups, individual and family therapy, crisis intervention, case management, and aftercare planning.
The program is designed to offer an intensive, structured approach to the treatment of eating disorders. It combines a range of therapeutic methods to work towards the elimination of eating disorder symptoms and stabilization of mood symptoms.
One of the primary advantages of our IOP is that it’s structured to allow you to continue with your daily life activities, including work or school.
We create an individualized meal plan tailored to your specific needs. During the program, meals are supervised to help facilitate healthy eating behaviors.
We believe that family support is crucial for recovery. Family therapy is one of the integral components of our IOP program.
Our program integrates multiple types of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), art therapy, and body-positive movement groups, among others.
We have crisis intervention services as part of our program. Our team is trained to manage crises effectively to ensure your safety and well-being.
Our team works with you to develop a personalized aftercare plan that outlines the continued support and resources you’ll need after the completion of the IOP program. This ensures a smoother transition to outpatient providers for continued care.
The first step is to get in touch with us for an initial assessment. This will help us determine if our IOP is the right fit for your needs and how we can best support your recovery journey.
The duration of our IOP is tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. During your initial assessment, we will provide a recommended treatment timeline based on your specific condition and recovery goals.
We accept various insurance plans. It’s best to consult with us directly to confirm if your insurance plan covers our services and what out-of-pocket costs you might incur.
We maintain a low patient-to-staff ratio to ensure that each individual receives personalized attention and care throughout their time in the program.
The main difference is the level of intensity and commitment required. Our IOP allows you to continue living at home and maintain daily responsibilities, while inpatient treatment would require a full-time stay at our facility.
Our program includes specialized group sessions tailored to address the unique challenges associated with different types of eating disorders.
While medication management is not a primary focus of our IOP, we do collaborate with external healthcare providers to ensure that any medication needs are appropriately addressed.
Our team consists of highly trained professionals, including registered dietitians, licensed therapists, and medical staff with specialized experience in eating disorder treatment.
While our primary focus is on in-person treatment, we do have a telehealth option available for certain aspects of the program, depending on the individual’s needs and location.
Many patients transition to our IOP from other levels of care, such as inpatient treatment, to continue their recovery journey. Our team will assess your specific situation to ensure a smooth transition.
If you’re dealing with an eating disorder but wish to maintain your daily life activities, our IOP could be an excellent option. However, the best way to determine if it’s the right fit is to schedule an initial assessment with our team.