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Teens and Young Adults

The transition from adolescence to early adulthood is a critical period marked by increased independence, higher academic and/or occupational demands, and less parental supervision. This stage also presents a heightened vulnerability to the development of eating disorders and other mental health issues. At Oasis Eating Disorders Recovery Clinic, we specialize in offering evidence-based mental health services tailored to the unique needs of transition-age youth (TAY), encompassing teenagers and young adults.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is trained to offer empathetic, personalized care to help you or your loved one navigate the complex landscape of mental health. We understand the nuances of treating this particular age group and are equipped to provide the necessary emotional and medical support.

Your journey to recovery is not one you have to make alone. Let Oasis Eating Disorders Recovery Clinic be your partner in navigating the path to a healthier, happier life.

Mental Health Program Components

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Frequent Questions About Our Mental Health Services

Our services are specifically designed for transition-age youth (TAY), which includes teenagers and young adults. This is a critical stage where increased independence and external pressures can make individuals more vulnerable to developing eating disorders.

We offer evidence-based treatments, including Individual and Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy groups, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups, Nutrition education, Art therapy, and Body Positive Movement groups, among others.

Most insurance plans are accepted at our facility. However, coverage can vary, so it’s best to contact us directly to discuss your specific plan.

Early identification and treatment of eating disorders are critical for a better prognosis. The earlier the condition is identified and treated, the more optimistic the outlook for recovery.

Family involvement can be crucial in the recovery process. That’s why we offer both individual and family therapy as part of our comprehensive treatment plan.

We offer an individualized meal plan and provide supervised meals during the program to ensure that nutritional needs are being met in a balanced way.

We offer extensive case management and aftercare planning to ensure you are supported as you transition from our program back into daily life.

Our program is designed to provide comprehensive support as you navigate the challenges of school or work while undergoing treatment. This includes case management and aftercare planning.

Crisis intervention is a key component of our services. Our trained and experienced staff are available to provide immediate, compassionate care when needed.

To get started, contact us to schedule an initial assessment. This allows us to evaluate your needs and create a tailored treatment plan designed specifically for you.